We love our volunteers! There are a bunch of ways to pitch in.

Volunteer buttonOur online application is coming soon but please review the Volunteer jobs below and submit your application to ARF for processing.

Puppy/Kitten Litter SWAT Team

When a new litter arrives, full-time attention is needed of the kind only a specially formed SWAT Team can provide. Working in pairs, SWAT teams tend to all the needs of new litters in 2-5 hour shifts.

AM/PM Dog Walkers

Some dogs must stay at the center overnight. Because they are not yet in foster homes, they must be exercised and socialized (play/interaction time) early each morning and again each night.

Lunch Relief

We usually have only one ARF staffer at the front desk during the day. In order for the ARF staff person to leave the Center for short errands, eat lunch or take care of personal business, we need a volunteer to provide lunch relief.

Cat Room Cleaners

Twice per day cleaning provides a clean and healthy environment for cats at the Center. We make sure all cats in residence are properly fed, receive medications and are socialized with love and patient understanding.

Dog Room Cleaners

All dogs in the Center need caring too with cleaning twice per day. We make sure all dogs in residence are properly fed, receive medications and are socialized with love and patient understanding.

Homeless Dog Training Program

The #1 reason millions of dogs are in shelters is because of behavior problems. Often these dogs just lack the basic skills they need to live with people. ARF’s volunteers and staff already provide socialization, mental stimulation and enrichment for the dogs and cats at the center. The Homeless Dog Training Program will “take it up a notch”. It will help teach our dogs the basic social skills they need to go to a new home and, most importantly to stay in that new home.

Center Cleaners

To maintain a clean and orderly appearance and provide a pleasant visiting experience, it is important we keep all public areas clean and tidy, including “spot” cleaning after animals in the day room and meet-and-greet areas.

Event Staffers

Rounded up for all outside fundraising and adoption opportunity events, this team plans, executes, sets up and staffs all events. All event funds raised, 100%, is used to care, feed, etc. every cat and dog at ARF. We work hard to make each event a success but it’s also a lot of fun!

Foster Parents

Foster Parents are the backbone of rescue organizations! New pups and some kittens cannot be left alone overnight. Adult dogs and cats benefit tremendously by living in a family home rather than spending their days in a dog kennel or cat room waiting to be adopted. Foster families take them in, socialize and train them and give them love to make them ready for their permanent homes. This program offers a wonderful experience for both the dog or cat and their foster family.

Center Staffers

These volunteers assist regular staff members with meeting-and-greeting visitors, exercising/socializing pets, “spot” cleaning and administrative duties during regular Center hours.

Updating Web Content

Do you have a creative side that you would be willing to share with ARF? We are in continual need of new photos of ARF’s cats and dogs to upload to PetFinder and to print for the “Animals Available to Adopt” bulletin board we take to events. Plus, ARF now participates on Facebook and Twitter which needs continual attention to updates.

Physical Plant

As with all buildings, the ARF center needs regular repairs and improvements on an on-going basis. If you are handy with tools, talented with a paint brush, have carpentry, plumbing or electrical knowledge, or willing to lend a helping hand when needed, we can use your skills.

Pet Transporters

We need careful people to transport pets to/from the Center for ARF events, veterinary doctor visits and to other rescue/animal control facilities. Some “on call” trips for emergencies may be necessary.

Junior Volunteers

We offer opportunities for teens and pre-teens to gain responsibility and learn about the care of animals at the ARF center and at some outside events. Parental permission and supervision is required to participate. Volunteers from ages 8-18 years qualify for the ARF Junior Volunteer program. All ARF Junior Volunteers, ages 8-15 years, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when volunteering at the ARF center or at an event.